Pull Ahead Program

Nissan World of Denville Is Your NJ Nissan Lease Pull Ahead Center

Exclusively At Nissan World of Denville! Visit Us And Let Us Perform Our FREE 101 Point Lease Inspection. We Give You Choices!

You can return your leased vehicle and lease a new one. It makes no difference where you leased your Nissan Car, Truck or SUV. Just drive it over to Nissan World of Denville! If you absolutely love your leased vehicle and want to own it, we can guide you through the process and make your purchase painless and pleasurable.

During your visit we can help with:
  • Confirming the residual value of your vehicle
  • Determining the final mileage amount, if any due at the end of the lease
  • Arranging financing should you wish to buy out the lease
  • Determining the market value at the time of trade-in
  • Getting credit approval for your new lease or purchase
Free 101 Point Lease Inspection

During this exciting and exclusive Nissan World of Denville program, eligible lessees will receive the following:
  • Our Exclusive "Early Bird" Turn In... A waiver of up to 12 remaining lease payments on your current lease.
  • A waiver of up to $500 in excess wear and/or damage charges if applicable.
  • A waiver of the disposition fee, if applicable.
  • Nissan World of Denville $500 Bonus Cash

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